Sinkhole Risk Assessment | Expected results
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The obtained results will engender a better understanding of the processes responsible for the generation of the type of deformations under investigation. In this way they will contribute to the progress of the modeling of complex deformation processes in the crust due to anthropogenic activity. The newly introduced classification of qualitative and quantitative risk factors will allow for a more detailed understanding of the causes of the post-mining voids propagation towards the surface. The cause-and-effect analyses will be used for answering the question of the type of discontinuous deformations which can be expected on surface in particular mining-geological conditions. The advanced mathematical and database tools will allow for creating reliable and accurate solutions, on the basis from which the generation of discontinuous deformations on the surface can be modeled and the risk of such deformation analyzed. In this way the realization of the research project will give theoretical tools which may considerably contribute to increasing the safety of life of habitants living in areas threatened with discontinuous deformations.