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Prerequisite research


Research on sinkhole risk estimation with use of open source geographic information systems : (establishment of the hazardous zones, surface hazard estimation with the use of function models) / Agnieszka MALINOWSKA, Konrad Dziarek // Przegląd Górniczy ; ISSN 0033-216X. — 2013 t. 69 nr 11, s. 32–40. — Bibliogr. s. 40, Streszcz., Abstr.


Support of mining damage departments in sinkhole risk management in undergound mines by use of open source geographic information systems : (registration, inventory, service, reporting) / Agnieszka MALINOWSKA, Konrad Dziarek // Przegląd Górniczy ; ISSN 0033-216X. — 2013 t. 69 nr 11, s. 41–50. — Bibliogr. s. 50, Streszcz., Abstr.


Modelling of cave-in occurrence using AHP and GIS / A. A. MALINOWSKA, K. Dziarek // Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences ; ISSN 1561-8633. — 2014 vol. 14 no. 8, s. 1945–1951. — Bibliogr. s. 1950–1951, Abstr.. — tekst:


Determining mining excavations predisposed to the discontinuous deformation of land surface using a two-stage method / Kajetan d’Obryn, Paweł Ulmaniec, Agnieszka MALINOWSKA, Ryszard HEJMANOWSKI // W: XV international ISM congress, Aachen Germany 2013, pps. 598–599,

Accepted for publication


R. Hejmanowski, A.A. Malinowska (2016) Significance of the uncertainty level for the modeling of ground deformation ranges. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, accepted for publication.


Coming events:



The impact of deep underground coal mining on the surface discontinuous deformations/ R. Hejmanowski, A. A. Malinowska, M. Szadziul, M. Mazurek, S. Bojarczuk// W: XVI international ISM congress, Brisbane Australia 2016,


Evaluation of land surface hazard evoked by discontinuous deformations with the use of multicriteria methods/ A. A. Malinowska// W: XVI international ISM congress, Brisbane Australia 2016